Best AdSense alternatives

Best AdSense alternatives

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Do you want to monetize your website using Google AdSense? Using Google AdSense is considered as an effective way to make money online. AdSense is one of the greatest blog monetization programs, when you want to make money from a blog. Making an AdSense account and then receiving the approval is not an easy process, particularly if you are a newbie blogger. Receiving the approval of Google AdSense is a dream for many bloggers. But, if you are rejected for some reason, you should not be despair. The real problem occurs when Google bans your AdSense account. Looking for the best Google AdSense alternatives will be a good solution for you. Some alternative programs might give you better results than AdSense. Before choosing an alternative of Google AdSense, you need to check what kind of traffic that you are creating for your blog. There are several Google AdSense Alternatives that could help you monetize your website. At these time, I want to share the best AdSense Alternatives. You can choose one of them.

  1. is considered as the best alternative for AdSense in relation to the ad types. This is contextual ad network from Yahoo! and Bing. This ad network provides high-paying ads. The minimum payout in is $100. The payout is via PayPal and Wire Transfer. is a technology company that improves advanced digital advertising product for advertisers and publishers. This company has more than 500 employees across Los Angeles, New York, Zurich, Dubai, Mumbai and Bangalore. In term of revenue, is the second largest program of contextual ads universally. is a leading company of worldwide contextual advertising. This company fully manages the technology, relationship and business operation with admiration for the universal publishers. provides large range solutions of traffic and advertising monetization to a significant and expanded client base. takes two days to make your account approved. This is better than waiting for an AdSense approval that can be some weeks. You can consider as the best AdSense Alternatives to monetize your website to make extra money from your website.

  1. Easy Monetizer

Easy Monetizer is not an ad network. This is a tool that lets you mechanize the affiliate linking. The process develops as easy as monetizing with an ad network. This makes Easy Monetizer as a feasible AdSense alternative. Usually, you must choose products, construct links, and keep them if you want to monetize with the affiliate marketing. Not like using ad networks, the process of this tool is time-consuming. Easy Monetizer lets you monetize easily. But, you need to enable a WordPress plugin to your website. You may need around 3 minutes to set up Easy Monetizer. The tool will take the tasks for finding the best products to display, creating affiliate links, placing the links on the right location on your blog posts, ensuring the links to avoid a break, and ensuring all prices showed on your pages are correct.

  1. Adversal

Adversal is one of best AdSense Alternatives. It has good banners and CTR to get the best results. The Ads on Adverse commonly have good CTR and good image ads too. This is an Ad network that works better for those searching for the replacement of Google AdSense. It graciously works with other languages.  Your account will be approved quickly. It also has CPM ads as a choice. Do you want to use Adversal? You should consider that Adverse needs a site with at least 50,000 pageviews each month. Adversary has proven to work very well. You could earn more than $500-1000 each month. Adverse also pays through PayPal.

  1. Chitika

Chitika is similar to AdSense. Chitika allows you to modify your ads. It only provides contextual ads. You can use Chitika with AdSense. Chitika will pay through PayPal or check. The payment will be paid through PayPal at least $10 USD. You can also get the payment via check with $50 USD as the minimum. Your account could be approved fast and easily. Many people love to use Chitika as AdSense alternatives.

  1. Infolinks

Infolinks is a large monetization network in the world. It is also considered as one of the best AdSense Alternatives. It helps over 200,000 online publishers in around 128 countries. Infolinks has customizable products that guarantee you to make the great traffic. You can choose from contextual ads, video ads and even appealing display banners. The platform is simple to fit into your website. It is open for a big and small publisher without setup fees. There is no minimum requirement for the page views or visitors. It has no hidden commitments. The advertisers of Infolinks are chosen based on quality. It works with universal leading brands like: Amazon, Facebook, Ali Express, TripAdvisor, eBay, Pizza Hut, Hyundai and more.

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